Rules for Writing Good Articles

Struggling to write a good article for school? Or an Instagram post for your followers? In the following, I’ll share 5 rules for writing good article and post. I hope you find the rules meaningful!

  1. Certainly, you should have something to say, but your article or post should be about something that matters to you.
  2. Use simple language. Simple language can make your article more interesting and memorable because it is easier to understand and remember. The key is to use simple words and phrases rather than complex ones.
  3. Use interesting language. An interesting article makes your reader want to read more. So, you need to use words that are interesting to people. This means using words like ‘nice,’ ‘funny,’ ‘awesome,’ ‘cool,’ ‘awful,’ ‘terrible,’ and ‘stupid.’
  4. Write about a subject that interests you. Writing about a subject that you are interested in will make your article or post more compelling. It will also make it easier for readers to relate to the message you are trying to communicate.
  5. Be consistent. When you write a good article or post, you should try to be consistent. This means that the same words should be used repeatedly in the same order.
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