Comparative Cultures of Care Attract Young People in Hong Kong

The Faculty of Humanities contributes to the dissemination and advancement of knowledge; representatives of this prestigious educational institution invite students to explore the comparative cultures of care programs, learn more about the faculty and find suitable areas of their interest that will help them pursue their academic goals.

EdUHK provides over 20 undergraduate/postgraduate/professional development programs that future every student can check out easily. With 240+ teaching, research, academic and administrative staff working on the comparative cultures of care programs consistently, EdUHK always has something new to offer to its 1500+ local and international students.

There are 4 comparative cultures of care departments at EdUHK: Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics & Modern Language Studies, and Literature & Cultural Studies. The interest of local and international students is enormous in all of the mentioned departments. To find out more about their areas of interest, students can visit the website of the faculty or book a consultation with the representatives of this reputable institution.

All the programs at EdUHK are engaging and highly captivating. Educators at this institution know that it is not easy to keep most students focused and interested in certain topics. For that reason, they ensured to design compelling teaching methodologies and develop programs with long-lasting effects on students.

The goal of EdUHK is to nurture graduates with multicultural awareness and a global outlook. Students do not only learn how to academically and professionally progress in a field of their choice; they also learn important lessons that positively affect their approach to studies and life itself.

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