This Virtual Event Solution Takes Online Recruitment to The Next Level

U.C. Now is the Virtual Event Solution that facilitates all types of online meetings, including virtual training and staff recruitment.

The Online Staff Training Platform features the Job Centre™, which is a workflow automation software that serves for realistic, high-level connections between employers and job seekers. During the Coronavirus quarantine, UC. Now worked in full capacity; giving employers options to hire staff online even when interviews in-person were restricted. By using this Virtual Event Solution, employers kept the businesses running and expanding their teams with qualified members.

U.C. Now is an Online Staff Training Platform with advanced options that every employer needs. Employers can review inbound applications, submit and request documents from job candidates and access the automated scheduling program. This program allows employers to select up to 3 time slots and submit them. Following this, the system will schedule the interviews automatically.

The Virtual Event Solution allows job seekers to find jobs quickly by filtering the job vacancies and enabling quick application online. By using this software, job seekers can find profitable jobs from the comfort of their homes.

The recruitment procedure is also simple. When the employer decides to interview the job seeker, they will schedule an interview and the software will send an email to the job candidate. The exact time and date of the interview (confirmed via email) will ensure that both parties join the Online Staff Training Platform timely and attend an interview that may be the beginning of a long-term collaboration. With all the tools available on UC. Now, employers and job seekers can easily determine whether they will make a good team or not.



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