Search Ads or Facebook Marketing?

If you are a start-up or SME in Hong Kong which have limited budget, which one you should choose, search ads or Facebook marketing? To answer this question, you may consider the below two elements.

The first to consider is your business goals. Without knowing your objective, you would waste your time and budget for just jump into either one. If your goal is to grow your brand name in which you think few people know your company in Hong Kong and without not much consider in conversion, you are advised to Facebook marketing. You have the option of Facebook ads or posts. But both helps you to reach customers which originally have no need to your products and services. In this way, you can trigger their needs and also bring your brand to large audiences. If you objective is focus on conversion, you are better use search ads in Hong Kong. People search in search engines are more likely have some needs or interest in your products or services which increase the chance of taking action towards your brand.

Second, you need to consider is your target audience. As said above, search ads and Facebook marketing in Hong Kong serve different purpose as well as target customers. If your B2B company which depends on referral, brand name is important, Facebook Marketing in Hong Kong is the preferred choice. For B2C company or your target audience is finding some kind of solutions, for example cleaning and repair, search ads in Hong Kong is better for these cases. But of course, if you have budget, it is suggested to adopt both to get most out of it.

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