Next Level Virtual Event and Webinar Platform HK

The necessity for a quality virtual event and webinar platform HK was enormous during the Coronavirus quarantine. Businesses, schools and most communities could not find an effective way to communicate at that time and the consequences were notable. However, everything changed when UC. NOW stepped up.

This software provides a range of services and products that took online engagement to a whole new level. The Event Control allowed recruitment companies and educational institutions to continue their regular procedures without any difficulties. In fact, the virtual event and webinar platform HK even provided advantages they did not have before.

The performance of UC. NOW was so outstanding that many communities decided to integrate this virtual event and webinar platform HK into their systems even after the quarantine. Now, this company collaborates with reputable institutions all around the region and it’s making its way to the global market.

One of the top features of UC. NOW it’s the Registration Centre. This tool enables administrators to invite participants without exiting the platform. All they need to do is enter the emails of all the people they would like to invite to a webinar and the system will automatically send out invitations. Before the meeting, UC. NOW will send reminders to the same recipients and ensure that participation is high.

When attendees join the webinar, they will be able to follow the event easily and they will also gain access to the material submitted by the organizer. Thus, if someone misses out on a lesson or a meeting, they can still catch up after. The organizer will receive a post-event report that can help measure the success of the event and assist in the planning of the next one.

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