Benefits of the BVI Offshore Company Registration

Businessmen and businesswomen in Hong Kong can access an extra-beneficial program called Limited Partnership Funds Hong Kong (LPF HK) and register private funds as limited partnerships. That way, partners get more efficient investment management and they protect their benefits in multiple ways.

LPF HK doesn’t have a separate legal entity. Business partners have more freedom of contract and the program doesn’t require minimum capital. Also, the LPF does not have any statutory investment restrictions. The initial goal of the Hong Kong Government was to attract the registration of private investment funds. With this framework that modernizes the past Limited Partnership Ordinance (Cap. 37), the interest of local and foreign investors has increased.

Apart from the LPF HK, investors have other programs that they can benefit from. One of those is the BVI Offshore Company Registration.

Registering a company in the British Virgin Islands might not sound like a program exclusive to Hong Kong investors. It is not, it is an international investment opportunity. However, the BVI Offshore Company Registration is exceedingly easy and prosperous for Hong Kong clients. With the help of a certified consultancy agency, investors can use the outstanding tax benefits of this regime.

BVI Offshore Company Registration facilitates investment financing, provides effective company management and protection of assets, enhances the corporate image, and develops businesses internationally. Also, the legal tax savings are notably high in comparison to similar programs in Hong Kong.

CityLinkers offers full guidance to clients in Hong Kong; helps them register the company and manage it correspondingly. All they need to do is consult the customer service and the qualified team will create a plan and start the project according to the client’s goals, and capabilities.

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